On the 8th of July we had a fantastic day with our 10 brave Skydivers who took part in the experience of a life time at Skydive Netheravon. We were hoping for a dry day and for once our British summer did not let us down and the conditions for Skydiving were perfect! 

We all arrived for a 9am registration and then throughout morning our brave group were taken for training and then suited up for the big moment.

Group by group we watched them take off and then had to wait for 20 minutes for the pilot to ascend and then…. all of a sudden there they were! Small dots in the sky, floating down towards the earth.  Watching each of them land made all of us on terra firma wish we had all done it too – and the reaction from each and every one of of them was ecstatic and wanting to do it all over again. We will be setting a date soon for another jump, so if you are interested please don’t hesitate to contact us. For more inspiration check out this video of Laura ‘s jump.

To date this group have raised more that £4500 between them, which will have a huge impact on our work. Thank you to all our brave skydivers and everyone who sponsored and supported them.

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