Newsletter Ukraine – Way of Joy, Romania, October 2022

Dear friends,

Unfortunately, the war continues…it is already day 240 of war…Our Ukrainian family is doing well; they miss their home very much! Longing for their homeland, they began to cook dishes with Ukrainian specifics, the taste and joy of preparing those specific dishes helping them to resist homesickness.

About two weeks ago, Masha (Sonya’s mother) and Dasha went to Odessa to get a new passport and identity card (the old ones had expired). Exactly on the day the girls left, Odessa was attacked by 5 rockets, so the bus had to find a detour to enter the city…Liubova was very worried, we all thought the worse, especially since we couldn’t contact the girls.  Once the bombs fell, the phone signal was lost, so the girls were left without any contact.  The authorities in Odessa asked them not to leave their home until the documents were ready – this can take up to 2 months.!

Little Sonya already misses her mom very much.  We are praying for the authorities to hand over the documents to them as soon as possible, so that they can return and be safe, with her daughter and their mother.

Every week they continue to go to the Romanian and English language courses, they go shopping every week and we try to find them a job, although there are not many jobs in the winter, so we don’t have high hopes.

Thank you for your prayers and support! God does wonderful things even in these difficult times. We want to continue God’s mission by preaching the Gospel and helping those who desperately need help!

Best wishes,

Dana Chirica

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