People against Poverty are looking for people to fundraise for them by getting sponsored for Lent. By donating any savings and money raised to the charity, you can make a real change to the lives of those in need while making a positive difference in your own life. If you’ve been considering giving up smoking or drinking, this opportunity could provide you with that extra motivation you need to finally make the change. Even a small commitment such as skipping a daily chocolate bar could raise £24, enough to provide a child with the tools they need to attend school.

All money raised will go towards funding PaP’s Project 40 programme, which aims to sponsor 40 families living in poverty and give them a hand up to reach self-sustainability. Alina and Peter were a Romanian couple who were helped by the charity. Alina, her parents and her children were living in a shanty home, with only a single bed between them. Peter had to travel abroad looking for work while his family begged to survive. Over the next five years and with the help of their sponsors, PaP was able to provide food packages for the whole family and send the children to school. Peter was provided with training and legal aid so that he could find work and return home. The family now live all together in their sanctuary home built by PaP, Alina has also found a simple job in the city and the family are near to becoming self-sustaining.

Lent begins on the 14th of February and lasts until the 29th March. If you would like to offer your support, please email By joining PAP in fundraising over this period, you can help them transform the lives of many more families such as Alina and Peter’s.



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