Chris and Emily-21During February we have had the pleasure of having Chris Lauder in with us for some work experience. Chris first became aware of the charity after attended one of the school building trips to Romania. Find out what he has to say:

“I first became involved with People against Poverty in 2012, when I signed up to be a part of a team with St. Laurence School, which would be visiting Romania in the summer of 2013. Having seen previous students travel to Romania during my younger years in school, I knew that it was something I wanted to get involved in, and I was extremely excited when the opportunity arose.

In all, we were a team of 18, and spent the months leading up to the trip undertaking various fundraising activities, the most memorable of these being a very tiring 50-mile bike ride from Bradford-on-Avon to Bristol and back again (from which I think I’m still recovering!) Having completed fundraising for the trip we flew out to Romania in July 2013 to begin our work in Dallas, Iasi. During our trip we constructed a hygiene block for a family living in one of the charities previously built sanctuary houses as well as building a polytunnel to ensure that food can be grown all year round plus a chicken coop to give locals a supply of eggs which they could use themselves, and sell in the community. As well as building in Dallas, we also helped run a summer camp in Dobrovat House, which had been completed a year prior. Dobrovat House gives 30 children who live in dire poverty the opportunity to escape to the hills to have time for play, work, schooling, eat hot meals and sleep in their own clean beds. It was truly a privilege to be a part of such an amazing trip!

Since my trip I’ve kept in contact with People against Poverty as I have never forgotten what an incredible experience I’d had in 2013. It is because of this that when I had to undertake a work experience placement as a part of my university degree there was only one place I wanted to work. My trip cemented what I’d like to do for a career when I graduate. Having experience in a charity such as People against Poverty inspired me to continue working in the field of eradicating poverty. It  is because of this  I aspire to one day work in the United Nations Development Programme; to help those in poverty across the globe and to change lives together.

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