Our aim is to build a cohesive family unit that are empowered to become self-sustaining through meaningful social investment. The most logical way we can do this is through educating the whole family. Family Partnership is a major step to a new life for the families we will be working with.

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We hope that within 3 years each family will have moved on in their lives so that they are self dependent, that they no longer need support from ourselves. Of course each family and their needs are different and some may take longer than 3 years to be helped out of poverty, some may be sooner – what we know  is that with your help and support this can be achieved. Take a look below at the case study of an actual family – and since 2015 Alina and Peter have found employment and we are working with them to achieve the final goal; that a family no longer needs our help because they have been able to help themselves.

Through Project 40 we want to get 40 families sponsored in the next year. Please take a look at the families that we have waiting for you to come along and release them from poverty. If you would like any further information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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