I have recently completed a small project working with Val and the trustees on the first steps of implementing the new BAP social impact strategy. As such Val has asked me to pen a few lines of introduction, so here goes.

I was introduced to Bill , Val and Paul (co-chair of Trustees) shortly before Christmas by Julie Smith, head of partnerships at Inspire. I work with Inspire as a strategic partner through First Ascent, a national leadership and performance management consultancy, and had been talking to Julie about taking on Non Executive roles locally to help out small business and charity organisations on their business focus. She mentioned after speaking with Val, that People Against Poverty were looking for some help and the rest, as they say, is history.

Having had a successful corporate career I focus now on a portfolio of differing roles. One Life , Live it ! Always pushing the boundaries whether at work or play. Endless energy, and passion for people has led me to embrace the London 2012 Olympic games legacy of “Passing on the Baton” to bring 40 years of corporate, volunteer, coaching and fundraising experience together to create unique leadership experiences via my own company Upbeat Consulting Ltd.

Volunteering and fundraising has always been important to me, gaining valuable insight into the power of influence in leading change by enabling ordinary people to do extra ordinary things. My London 2012 Olympics experience led me to embrace a career transition in 2013, moving into a portfolio approach, focusing on areas for which I have a passion, including leadership coaching, team dynamics, charity business support and sailing event management.

So my summers are spent on the water, and my winters back in the board room, but a number of things connect them both, a passion for people, giving something back and driving change.

I look forward to more involvement with PAP over the coming months”

 Its been a delight to work with Chris and we too look forward to more involvement in the coming months.  You can find more information on Chris by visiting here


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