At the end of each school year, all students in regular classes must take a National Exam in order to pass onto the next grade; these exams are quite rigorous. For the first time in a long time, all of the kids in the traditional classrooms passed their exam and were able to move onto the next grade this past fall. The students are doing very well in their new grade and are enjoying their new experiences, new friends, fresh new uniforms, and of course their new homework.


In the special classes, there is exciting news as well; little Sarah started school this fall. There is also a new music teacher at Haiti Center for Inclusive Education; his classes are stimulating, therapeutic, and great fun for all.  The kids have also enjoyed arriving at school in style in the beautiful new van which was raised by the projects own fundraising.  They love the space and that they no longer have to be crowded up in the pickup truck!


Thanks to all the sponsors who have made this year of school possible for the children of Notre Maison.




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