Dear friends at People Against Poverty,

As 2020 comes to a close I am thinking about my friends across the sea who make this life possible. My children are all well and they hardly know how difficult it has been this year. There was so much unrest and protest last spring that school was closed. Then we started to see the corona virus and everything closed down. Many people have been sick but thanks to God no one inside my gate as I have been very strict about visitors, and I was able to pay my workers to stay with us. As the port was closed for a long while everything was so expensive, and still the prices have not gone down. I am stretching every day to provide simple healthy food for the kids, but they do not go hungry. My garden helps so much with fresh fruit and vegetables. Praise God my cow had a calf for the first time and we have fresh milk for the children who really need it!

Another blessing is that our kids are back in school since September. Because Haitian children didn’t finish last school year they had exams in October and all of our kids except one passed to the next level! Two students were first and second in their class. My kids were all so fortunate that I was able to hire tutors to have school for them at home during the months schools were closed. One of our high school students also took a career skills class in cutting and setting ceramic tiles and he did so well he was honored in a ceremony by the government. At the Haiti Center for Inclusive Education, where most of our students attend, they have just started a feeding program, which will really help.

People Against Poverty has been so faithful in sending support each month, even in the worst of times. I was also blessed to receive emergency funds from them for food. We couldn’t have survived without it. The children pray for their sponsors each night and we are so grateful for your continued support. I join you all in prayer that in 2021 we can get back to a better situation for everyone around the world.

Your sister in Christ,

Gertrude Bien-Aime

Director, Notre Maison

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