Greetings to one and all from all the children, staff and family of Haven Home.
We are so delighted to be able to present the annual newsletter of Haven Home which shows how your continuous giving because of the love of the Lord in your hearts has enabled us to survive this global pandemic. We take this opportunity to thank all our generous and sacrificial sponsors for standing with all the children of Haven Home even in difficult times.

This year began with wonderful new year celebrations and we all were looking forwards for a great and joy filled new year. We thank you all for the wonderful Christmas presents you sent for the children last year.

In January we organised ALUMNI GATHERING of some of the old students of Haven Home who graduated and are excelling well in their lives. This was very proud moments for us to see how the Lord though your generous investment into lives of deprived children has changed their future.

After a wonderful start of the year all the children were back to serious education and were preparing for the school final exams especially the grade 10 children. That’s when this pandemic broke out and the school department issues orders to vacate all the schools and boarding homes and this virus was spreading rapidly. Our hearts were not at all happy to send the children to their homes as the exposure to the virus will be very high. But we had to send them.

Since then we have made arrangements and have been sending child sponsorship financial assistance to all the children families to take care of their needs while they are at home.  Moreover through your generous giving we have been able to reach out to our local community with food packs to nearly 650 families during the lockdown.

As we enter into a month of Christmas celebrations, by the Lords grace children of grade 6-10 have come to Haven Home and have begun their schooling and we are still waiting for the school authorities to give permission for children from grade 1-5 as well. Please pray for all of us here.

Hope this annual newsletter has been a blessing to you and we thank each and everyone once again for your sacrificial giving and we humbly request you to please continue to extend your generosity even in this coming years.
Lots of love and shalom to all.
Benjibab & Krupa Yelchuri
Prasant & Grace Yelchuri
Haven Home

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