The year ending 2020, Ekwendeni hospital HIV/AIDS Programme and People Against Poverty continued to work in partnership in responding to the needs of sponsored children as well as other vulnerable children. This report therefore highlights activities undertaken and achievements as a result of the implementation of the project activities.


Provision of basic needs to sponsored children and other vulnerable children

11 Sponsored children continued to receive support in terms of basic needs such as food, soap, clothing, Colgate and lotions. The project continued to pay school fees for the children who are in secondary schools and college. Apart from school fees, the children also received school supplies such as notebooks, pens, pencils and Mathematical instruments. These were provided to both children in secondary school and in primary school. The children were able to attend school because of they received all the required support.



Responding to Coronavirus outbreak

The year 2020 is the year which the world will remember because of the aggrevation outbreak of the Coronavirus. The pandemic brought in huge negative impacts such as economic downturn which affected vulnerable households and health systems greatly. People sgainst poverty assisted quite a lot in responding to the impact of the pandemic. The activities in responding to the pandemic involved;

a. Purchase of protective materials for the hospital and community.

These include 50 Buckets with taps, 7 pairs of heavy duty gloves, 15 hand sanitizers, 20 glass goggles, 15

surface disinfectants and 3 pairs of Gumboots.

b. Purchasing and distribution of food, maize seed and fertilizer.




As one way of responding to the impacts of COVID-19, the project purchased direct maize food parcels and distributed to 80 families which translated into 298 individuals who were fed. The project also purchased maize seed and distributed to 50 OVC families so that they grow and produce their own food.




Vocational training in tailoring

The project this year we are so excited to have introduced vocational training in tailoring for vulnerable youth in order to empower them to become self reliant. To kick start the tailoring training, People against Poverty first of all purchased 2 sewing machines, 200 metres of cloth and other accessories such as sewing lines, oils pair of scissors and tape. 2 youths have been identified and have started training. These youth have never touched a sewing machine which means they have started from zero in their training. After they have learnt how to sew they will be sewing face masks which are hoped to be sold. The face masks will be the first material to learn sewing because we are still in the COVID -19 era. Apart from face masks, the trainees will also learn different styles, designs and patterns in seam stressing. In order for the trainees to gain full knowledge and skills in seam stressing, they are required to learn for 6 months. The training has started very well.

Final words

Ekwendeni Hospital HIV/AIDS Programme (EHAP) is very grateful to the People against Poverty (PaP) for the continued partnership and support. We are even more grateful for the emergeny funds which PaP provided to our project for emergency relief food to the affected vulnerable households in our catchment area and for protective materials for the hospital and community during COVID-19. Our project has managed to help many vulnerable families because of your support. So many great changes continue to take shape in our beneficiaries because of your generous support. It is our prayer that this partnership should grow so that we reach out to many vulnerable people.

God bless you all – Webster

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