People Against Poverty promotes self-sustainability and hope for a brighter future

Our motto is a ‘hand-shake, not a hand-out’ and our mission is clear: to alleviate poverty both at home within the UK and throughout countries across the globe.
Transparent in what we do; Accountable for our actions; Passionate about people and Deliver energy and resource to impact the lives of the poor, People against Poverty are an ethical, all-inclusive, impactful Christian non-profit; dedicated to making a difference and promote a movement for change within the world we live.

You can view all our work and see where you may like to help.

People against Poverty stand for:

  • Poverty alleviation
  • Community
  • Dignity
  • Sustainability
  • Employment creation
  • Resource delivery
  • Local partnerships
  • Empowerment

Our Mission

Our charity works with international and UK projects that we can personally engage with to help change lives by releasing communities from poverty.

Our aims are:

  • To feed the hungry, provide shelter, clothe and educate the poor, take care of the sick and bring communities together to help break the cycle of poverty;
  • To form communities in the UK to engage with People against Poverty;
  • To be a gateway directly enabling our communities here in the UK, to engage with our international communities bringing them both life changing experiences.