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How do you choose your projects?

We work in partnership with registered organisations in the UK and overseas who share the same values, have a clear vision, and demonstrate measurable impact with their work. We provide regular or one-off grants to enable them to deliver projects with agreed objectives, and we work closely with them to monitor and evaluate impact.

If your organisation would like to explore a partnership with us, please contact us at

Do you work in the UK as well as overseas?

Yes we do! We currently have 3 projects in the UK under our Life Essentials Programme, and we are looking to expand our Fresh Veg for Foodbanks project during 2024.

Child Sponsorship – How are the children chosen?

We operate our First Steps (child sponsorship) projects through registered organisations in each country.

It is the project leader on the ground who determines those who most urgently need support. The choice is based on local circumstances and knowledge.

Child Sponsorship – How is my sponsorship donation spent?

When you sponsor a child your regular donation goes towards food, clothing, basic medical care and education. We are proud of the fact that 100% of the donations received go to benefit the children supported through our First Steps (child sponsorship) projects.

Note. If you would like more details please contact us

Are you a faith based organisation?

Yes. We are a Christian charity, and our programmes and projects are delivered in partnership with registered Christian charities and organisations.  However those who donate to the charity, and those who are supported through our programmes and projects are of any faith or no faith at all.

Where does the charity get its income from?

The charity does not receive any government grants. We generate all our own income, through the generosity of our supporters. These include businesses who are part of our Business against Poverty community, individual donors, trusts and foundations, and churches. We also raise money through events, such as our popular Quiz and Curry nights, and through those who run marathons or do abseils etc in aid of People against Poverty. Gift Aid claims are also an important source of income.  We are so grateful to all our supporters without whose support our life changing work would be impossible. Thank you.

What proportion of my donation goes to meet the cost of the charity?

All charities need to spend a certain amount of their income on overhead costs in order to deliver their work and make sure the charity is well run. Relatively speaking our overhead costs are very low – we currently have only 2 part-time staff, and no office (we work remotely) keeping costs down to a minimum. Overhead costs include salaries, fundraising costs, IT, banking costs, insurance etc.

Donations to our General Fund, Business against Poverty donations, and Gift Aid* claimed on all donations (unless otherwise specified by the donor), go into an ‘unrestricted fund’. This is then split across our four life-changing programmes and what it costs to deliver them (overheads) according to need. We are extremely grateful for these donations as it enables us to be flexible about funding new projects or additional needs quickly as the opportunity arises, as well as being able to continue to cover our overhead costs.

Donations to specific programmes or projects (eg child sponsorship, life essentials, borehole wells) go into a ‘restricted fund’ and typically 100% of these donations is spent on that project (unless agreed differently with the donor). Of course, if everyone gave in this way we would have no ‘unrestricted’ income to allocate to costs and new opportunities to help people in poverty. When donating, please consider putting your regular donation into our General Fund, or allocating a proportion (eg 20-30%) to the General Fund, and the rest to the specific programme or project you are interested in. Thank you so much for your donation.

*Gift Aid

Gift Aid is an extremely important source of income for all charities, as it means we can claim an extra 25p for every £1 you give (25%) – and it doesn’t cost you any extra! Charities can claim Gift Aid on most donations, but some payments don’t qualify. When you donate you will be sent a Gift Aid declaration form which will cover that donation and any future donations. If you are a regular donor, every few years we will ask you to update your form to ensure our records, which allow us to claim, remain correct.

What is your fundraising policy?

Reports of unscrupulous fundraising practices by charities, including the targeting of elderly and vulnerable people, bring the charity sector into disrepute. We take these issues very seriously and would like to assure our supporters that we:

  • Never buy or sell data, including names addresses and email addresses
  • Never target vulnerable or elderly people
  • Always give people the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list

You can read our Privacy Policy here.

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