Our AGM was a wonderful opportunity to get together with our friends, donors and members and to spend some time focusing on everything that has been achieved in the last year, which thanks to all of you has been quite a lot! Here are just some of the highlights of what we have been able to do for families living in desperate poverty in the last year: 

  • 5 Litters / 40 piglets have been born to date – these are sold on to provide cash to purchase animal feed.
  • 6 UK Schools – 70 young people worked on buildings, houses, polytunnels, chicken coops and experienced what life is like for those living in abject poverty.
  • Bigger Polytunnel built – Our biggest ever polytunnel build to date is a massive 52 metres. This enables more stock to be grown, thereby feeding more children overall.
  • Worked on a Court Case for 2 years – We won the case for grandparents to take on their two grandchildren after the parents abandoned them to live in another country.
  • Giving back an Education – 2 Indian children, abandoned at birth, celebrated by graduating to university – a reality rather than a dream.
  • Child Sponsorship – 245 children are now being reached through the programme in all 6 countries of operation. This means that they are benefiting from the very basic human right that everyone should have. Food, clothing and education.
  • Christmas Celebrations – More than 500 children were gifted their very own Christmas gift – helping them to celebrate the festivities much like their neighbours around them.
  • 31 Family Partnerships begin – 31 Family partnerships means that more than 130 people are benefiting from training programmes, regular meetings with case workers, meeting their immediate necessary needs and generally showing them that someone cares.
  • 1 Community Mill built – A major achievement completed with a Milling/Grinding machine, enough to support a whole community to provide regular fine baking flour, feed for animals and general wheat based produce for aiding basic cooking.
  • 1 Haybarn built – A complete roofed haybarn giving much needed storage space for the animals bedding to ensure during the cold winter months they are kept warm and well in order to multiply during the spring months.
  • 24 Individual Temporary IDs were created  – Having this important document allows many to access a doctor/school and other governmental requirements.
  • We worked on 45 Court Cases – Being the voice for those unable to speak for themselves.
  • 30 Full Birth Certificates – Given for young children and adults alike their full named identities.
  • 1968 Food Parcels distributed – To those who often need to beg for their next meal.
  • 37,939 Hot Meals provided – Providing meals to all the children throughout all projects in all 6 countries. Fighting malnutrition and the developmental problems it brings.
  • Helped support 4 Couples to Legally Marry – Providing the legal support, necessary documentation, paying for all wedding costs i.e. registrars etc, to give those the right to legally marry their partners.

You can find our full AGM Achievement Brochure here and a copy of the presentation can be found here. To see our full Annual Report including financial statements please click here.

We could never have achieved all of this and more without the support of yourselves; our donors, sponsors and Business against Poverty members, so to all of you a big THANK YOU!

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