The city of Iasi, where we work in Romania, has the dubious title of “sex capital of Romania”, and each year thousands of adults and children are trafficked within the country and internationally. These people end up involved in enforced slavery, prostitution and drugs. Our aim is to protect the young people that we work with from the horrors of human trafficking and for that reason we have begun a new and improved Anti Trafficking Programme. 

We are so excited about the impact that this programme will have. Last year Kate Garbers, the Managing Director of anti trafficking charity Unseen, joined CEO Val in Romania and worked with the team to devise the new programme. We are so grateful for all of Kate’s support and expertise in this, as it has enabled us to have hard hitting, but sensitively delivered content.

The programme had its first session recently and already we have seen amazing progress. In the safe and supportive environment we had some real breakthroughs as many of the girls broke down and cried, as well as opening up to Ambassador Chloe, who was out supporting the project and Alexandra who is delivering it.

We can’t wait to bring you more updates on how this programme is protecting the young people that we support.

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