What a privileged it has been to receive all of the wonderful photos and news from our projects Christmas celebrations. The children have all had such a lot fun and have celebrated so many different ways. Each project gave the children fantastic parties and gifts but all had their own way of doing this.


In Tanzania Father Christmas, dressed in his traditional red suit with beautiful gold embroidery, met with all the children as he handed out their gifts as well as having lots of fun and games. In Haiti the party was arranged by local high school students who wanted to be involved in the celebrations; this was a beautiful, colourful event, the children had a lot of fun with music and dancing and gifts for them all.

We love the way the children in Malawi where involved in deciding what they wanted to receive in their Christmas gift bags and just how practically they see things, asking for simple items such as rice, meat and soap. The smiles on their faces show how happy they are with their gifts.

The children also attended a Christmas service as part of the celebrations. The service in India was a really joyful occasion and it looked beautiful. The tradition meal that the children shared at the party looked amazing and the children were all clearly having such a great time.

It is thanks to all the kindness and generosity of all of the sponsors and supporters that gave generously to our Christmas appeal and continually support the work that we do. As you can see, the children have all been able to have a fantastic Christmas and been able to enjoy the freedom and fun that we all associate with Christmas.


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