100’s of children were faced with bags of food and small gifts which made their Christmas.

Imagine not eating regularly, at worst looking in trash bins for the next meal!  Well this is normality for many of the children we work with around the world.  Some are the lucky ones who reside in purpose built Homes like that of Haven Home in India, however life is still difficult and continues to be difficult during these Covid times.

But December 2021 brought so many smiles and we wanted to share those with you and thank those of you who donated to our Bag Of Smiles campaign.   We were able to purchase 280 bags of food for the most deprived of all people in our society.  We hope you enjoy browsing some of the 100’s of photographs we received.

Our Bag of Smiles are not just for Christmas – you can purchase all year round and receive your free Tote Bag to use when you do your own shopping.  Purchase yours here 








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