A question which probably most people would ask when first looking for a charity to support.  We could easily answer this question with “but of course” however, we think that those who have experienced the work firsthand can do a much better job. 

Below is the perspective of Libby, a young lady who first became involved with the charity when she joined her school team on one of our Youth Development Programmes to Romania.  Read what she has to say:

I first became involved with People against Poverty through my school. After a presentation by Jon Williams (Volunteer Director of the Development Programmes) about the work he does in Romania, we were invited to partake in a trip of our own, this involved building a house for a family in the Dallas area. That week greatly impacted myself and my friend, Libby. Seeing not only the need in the area but, more importantly, the amazing work of Way of Joy project. The work they did seemed to have such a real and living impact on those it helped. So obviously upon our return home we were keen to be able to come back and help again in some way.  We decided the following year to do a month gap break.

During our month in Romania Libby and I experienced the work that the project carries out in a very personal way. We helped in the ways we could and it was such a joy to be able to be a part of the work they do, even if it was only for a month. Raul and Dana not only allowed us to be a part of the everyday workings of the charity’s work but also took us into their family. We can now play a pretty proficient game of Catan, thanks to many a long summer evening.

As a result we saw first hand the love, the amazing hard work and passion that goes into everything the charity does and how much they invest in the children and families that are part of the programme.  All the people we met along the way greeted us with such love and warm welcomes. The Way of Joy project is such a part of the community and seeing that their work truly makes such an impact, through hard working individuals, some of whom had themselves been through programmes set up by the charity; it gave such a sense of what Way of Joy is and what it can, and does, achieve.

During this time we were once again involved with a school for a few days, building a village farm. We were also part of the camps at Dobrovat where we were honoured to share in times together; singing round campfires, playing games and writing letters to sponsors. It was heartwarming and a true gift to be able to see the children cut loose. Alongside this we helped out with administrative work for the sponsorship program and worked with the children in the area from this program, e.g. birthday trips to the cinema, school shoe shopping.

During a visit back to the house which our school had built two years previous, we saw many of the children whom we had met during that last trip. Most notably we remembered Teodora and her brother Alin, the neighbours who we had also seen at the camp. As a result of finding out that Teodora was actually not on the sponsorship program, I knew I wanted to be involved in assuring that she and her family would have the same opportunities I had seen the program giving to so many children.

Now four years after my trip to Romania as a sponsor I get updates on Teodora (she recently did really well in school, as did her brother!!) as well as a picture of her, and I know that Way of Joy is encouraging her to be the best she can be alongside helping her and her family through situations that are tougher than we could ever probably comprehend”.

Please consider supporting a family or a child through our sponsorship programmes.  It really does make a difference.





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