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They say adversity reveals your true character. And, during the greatest hardship of them all, we saw what the British people were made of.

An NHS volunteer ‘army’ was amassed in days. A retired serviceman, a little-known captain called Tom Moore, raised £33 million for the health service. Key workers, from policemen to postmen, ploughed through the tough times. We pulled through.

But we should not let that flame, that hatred of injustice, that compassion towards our fellow humans, fade away. Although it might not be as publicised, there are more people out there who need our help than ever before.

COVID is romping through the developing world and economies are in tatters. Many people who work in the informal sector do not receive benefits and furlough payments like we did. Unfortunately, considering that the Western world is being prioritised for vaccines, these nightmarish scenes are set to continue into the foreseeable future.

That is why I ask you to consider supporting People against Poverty. From supplying essentials to impoverished families in the U.K. to providing a sanctuary for orphans in India, the charity pursues such meaningful work around the world.

You could be a part of making people’s lives better. If you don’t, who will?

Advait Kuravi – Youth Ambassador

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