We don’t think so.  This is just the beginning for Richard and Vera, our first two trainees for the Vocational Skills for the Vulnerable project in Malawi.

Unable to access an education because they were orphaned by aids and had to bring up their siblings, Richard and Vera were yearning to learn a skill so that they could provide fully for their families.  This is where People against Poverty came in. We developed the programme in December 2020, whilst many were struggling due to covid.   We purchased two machines, employed a seamstress to train the youngsters and they began their training.

After initial small products i.e masks for the community because there were none, they went onto making school uniform dresses.  We have watched their progress with so much interest and this week they finish their training.  We think they have done amazingly well, not ever seeing a machine – let alone how to use it.

Now they have finished we want to send them out with their own machine so that they can begin their own small businesses in their own communities.  What a chance in life for these youngsters and their families.

If you would like to consider supporting this vital project to enable us to send Richard and Vera out with their own machines to begin their own business,  you can do this easily by clicking this link.

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