With thanks to her Thursday Group of supporters here in the UK, Mariam has been able to continue her studies in Environmental Health Science.

The group have been supporting Mariam through her education for many years now through our child sponsorship programme and last year, Mariam was given the opportunity to continue with her studies and is just finishing her diploma course, where she scored all A’s.  But she doesn’t want it to end there.  Mariam is keen to get a Batchelor in Environmental Health Science.

She states: “I am so grateful to study this course because I have learned so many things, the treatment of water, prevention of food poison, vaccination, the treatment of dead bodies, inspection of premises, vehicles and vessels for decoration of public health importance, diseases prevention, occupational health and  safety, disaster management and first aid administration. 

After I finish my diploma education I am planning to look for the opportunity to start a small business.  My mom would love me to start a home delivery of cakes, food and drinks but if not, I plan to do something in computer application.    Without the education that I have received from my wonderful Thursday Group who have supported me over the years, this would not be possible and I cannot thank them enough in giving me this wonderful opportunity in life”

Education is so important and this is why People against Poverty ensure that all children on their programmes are given the best opportunity to access educational services if they are made available.

You could support many of our children who are waiting on our child sponsorship programme, or perhaps you would like to consider supporting an older child to further access the educational system in their country.  If so, do please get in touch with us 


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