Through Family Partnership we aim to help build family units that can become completely self-sustaining through our ongoing investment in them. As part of this investment we are working with the parents, to ensure that they have the right support network in place to raise their children in the correct way as well as supporting  the parents themselves in any mental health problems or addictions that they may be living with.

Recently the team at the Way of Joy held a meeting with those parents involved in 
the Family Partnership Programme. The session was run by a qualified psychologist who specialises in family and relationship counselling.  First, she did a presentation using PowerPoint and gave examples and stories from every day life that the families could relate to. All of the parents listened intently and when the opportunity came they felt comfortable to open up about their own experiences and the difficulties that they face.

The session ended with time for the parents to have a hot drink and nibbles and the opportunity to spend time with each other. After the event the team spoke with the parents to gain feedback and the conclusion was that they found it to be very helpful and that they wish for more events like this to be organised. The parents were also asked to complete a questionnaire about their family relationships, including their values, difficulties and hopes for the future and identifying aspects that they can or cannot control, as well as see what things they can do themselves to overcome these obstacles and where they will need extra support.

The families that we work with are at a higher risk of developing problems around mental health and addiction because of the difficult circumstances in which they live; which in turn can worsen the cycle of poverty. Through Family Partnership and programmes such as this we are looking forward to supporting the whole family to break the cycle of poverty and lead fulfilling lives.

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