Some of our supporters may remember Roshan, who is the son of our project leader in Nepal, and was one of our first children to come on the child sponsorship programme through the Nepal project back in 2006.

Moving on 8 years, after we shared the news that he had won a scholarship in the United States. Well, we have some more news from Roshan and we are delighted to say that thanks to his hard work and dedication he is getting ever closer to fulfilling his dream of becoming a pilot. 

Roshan is currently studying to complete his degree in Cyber Security and has been accepted to pursue training to become a pilot alongside his studying (not an easy feat for a foreign national after 9/11). There is a flight school close to him where he can pay for hourly lessons  and once he is ready he will take the Federal Aviation Administration Test. Right now he is working towards getting his private pilot’s license. Each month he saves up any spare money (which there is not much of) and has couple of hours training to get ever closer to his dream.

We are so impressed to see what Roshan has achieved to date, having started from very humble beginnings. Roshan has pulled himself up by his bootstraps and all of it has been through his hard work and tenacity. We would like to help Roshan get closer to his pilots license as we know that this is huge  expense for him and without support it will take a long time for him to gain the capability and hours needed for a pilots license. We would love to find support for Roshan to help him reach his goal. Please click on the donate button below to make a one-off donation or set up a DD (please pick general and add in the reference ROSHAN)

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