Children up and down the UK will be looking forward to their summer holidays in a just a few days time, and it has also been holiday time for our children in Romania too!  Towards the end of last month we were delighted to be able to hold a summer camp for the children of the rural community in Negresti, Romania.  

It was a busy week for the team, giving the children the chance to escape the difficult reality of their everyday lives, play and create special childhood memories together. The week long camp saw them spend each day with the team where they played various games and different sports, sang and danced together and ate well at the canteen each day. At the end of the week they each received a Certificate which they were delighted with! All the children who were invited attended and for many it will be the highlight of their year and the only break that they will know.

Thank you to all the sponsors who make this camp possible! We have many other beautiful children in Negresti who are waiting for sponsors, take a look here.

                                  Whats the time Mr Wolf? …… Dinner time!!

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