Become an Ambassador

Our Ambassadors are groups of people that give their time, energy and support to help us in our work to relieve poverty. They are an essential part of our work in raising awareness.

Being an Ambassador is more than volunteering your time.

They are:

  • Individuals who want to support our work and have a heart for the poor and vulnerable.
  • People who already embrace the child sponsorship programme who have a heart for seeing more children sponsored.
  • Past trippers who have seen first hand the poverty that families are living in and want to help.

You will become a valuable part of the People against Poverty team joining us in:

  • Recruiting more child sponsors via friends, colleagues and family.
  • Organise local fundraising events.
  • Join us at seminars and exhibtions spreading the news of our work.
  • Give presentations in their communities with the aim of:
    • Raising the profile of People against Poverty.
    • Recruiting more fundraisers for People against Poverty.
    • Encouraging donations for People against Poverty projects.
    • Recruiting people to join our Awareness Trips.

All ambassadors will be given full training and the necessary resource to support our work in relieving poverty.

If you are interested in becoming a People against Poverty Ambassador, please contact us.

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