You may already be a friend of People against Poverty by previous involvement or perhaps you have not been introduced to us before. Either way we would like to invite you formally to join us as a ‘Member-Friend’.

Why become a Member-Friend

Everyone needs a friend.  Friends are special to us.  Without our friends we do not exist and the thousands of lives we impact, again become forgotten. We need friends to support our existence; to be the ‘people’ in People against Poverty.

By becoming a member-friend at just £5.00 per month we know you stand with us and importantly we will receive a small financial contribution to our overheads so we can continue our work.

In addition to a regular donation, our Member-Friends also play a key part in raising awareness of the work we are doing. This may be sharing our posts on social media, organising a fundraising event, writing an opinion piece for our newsletter, creating artwork, poetry, film or music to support our cause.

Together we won’t stand idle and watch people die of poverty. Please join us.