Trip Testimonials

Anita Jaynes – Founder The Business Exchange Swindon & Wiltshire

“The People against Poverty awareness trip to Romania is a complete eye opener.  It really makes you realise how DSC_4052fortunate you are to have a roof over your head with all the amenities we’ve come to expect and can’t live without. These people live without running water, electricity or heating and every day they live with the uncertainty of not knowing where their next meal ticket is coming from.

Seeing how People against Poverty works with families to build a sustainable future is incredibly inspiring and makes you even more passionate about the charity. They don’t give hand outs, they help people help themselves, enabling life and hope.”

Julita Wakefield – Independent Traveller

IMG_5094“I have recently returned from my first Awareness trip to Romania , not knowing what to expect. It was the most moving, humbling experience of my life. Amongst the heartbreaking and desparate living conditions, there was a real sense of positive change and hope through the compassion and love that People Against Poverty share with such a passion. The project work was inspirational, especially through the Family Sponsorship Programmes, It was a privilege and a blessing to meet so many wonderful families and children who daily endure such hardship. I would encourage anyone to take the opportunity to just go, open your eyes, make a difference and change your life.”

Paul Van Haver – Independent Traveller

“This awareness trip has really opened my eyes to the impact of the charity on the ground, howIMG_4980sponsorships/partnerships are used to really changes people’s lives around. It is heartbreaking and humbling to
see the need but also so joyful to see what can be done and provide a path to a better future. I will surely try and go again.”

Simon Long – Simon Long Training Services Ltd

IMG_4969 (1)The People against Poverty Awareness Trip to Romania really can change lives, not only for the Romanian families but also for the guys who make the journey. It’s truly no exaggeration to say they change and saves lives.

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