Every penny donated makes a huge difference to the work we do, young children and their families. It literally can mean a case of life or death for some.

While all gifts are gratefully received, a regular donation is best for the charity to be able to plan ahead to achieve its goals in relieving people from poverty.

By donating to our general fund, this enables us to wisely use the money where the greatest need is at any particular time. By delivering help on the ground through our project partnerships we can help change lives by meeting their basic needs.Our projects are designed to empower greater self-sufficiency, new hope and a more sustainable future. A handshake not a handout.

Sponsor a Child

Sponsor a child to give them hope for the future.

Family Partnerships

We aim to help families become completely self-sustaining.

Project Work

To donate to specific projects, please click the relevant sections at the top of this page


Supporting this programme will ensure that children and their families receive food, clothing, medication and necessary items to survive in everyday life.


We are able to provide the education needed for people to learn new skills for them to develop and be able to tackle the stigma of poverty.


This programme helps people to develop a sustainable lifestyle which impacts the communities around them to live a better life.

Leave a legacy in your Will

Leaving a legacy to People against Poverty is almost certainly a promise of a better future for our project communities whom we support. Leaving a legacy will mean that we can continue our work in helping those living in dire circumstances and giving back hope where there is none.
We promise you:
  • We will always understand that your dearest loved ones always come first.
  • Your Will is your personal property and we will never have any access to its contents.
  • We know that it takes careful time and consideration when leaving a legacy and this is to be done in your own time. It’s your decision.
  • Every single penny you give will go to helping our children and families within our projects of operation. We promise we will spend your money wisely. Your legacy gift will be treated with the utmost respect and of course we will be very sensitive to your needs.
  • You don’t have to tell us if you are leaving a gift to People against Poverty, but if you do, we will be able to personally thank you, it will help us to plan for the future and we promise to keep your decision absolutely confidential.
  • If there is anything you need to know about your legacy then please get in touch with us.