We desperately need funds to support all our projects during this period of Coronovirus, where families now cannot eat or feed their own children due to the restrictions put in place and of course no money to buy food.

We would be most grateful if you could support our work through this period as we need to find approx £10,000 per month to be able to support all the people in our communities – This will support just their basic needs!


General Donation

Every penny donated makes a huge difference to the young children and their families. It literally can mean a case of life or death for some.

While all gifts are gratefully received, a regular donation is best for the charity to be able to plan ahead to achieve its goals in relieving people from poverty.


Give us Five Campaign

The Give us Five campaign is set up to enable us divert funds directly to projects that address the FIVE key areas in which we work i.e. Farming, Investing in People, Vital and valuable, Education, empowerment and encouragement

Child Sponsorship

Impactful changes occur when someone cares

Audiology Project

     To support the work in Tanzania with our project partner Julie Horner


                                                 Christmas                                                   Birthday

                                            Be their Santa at Christmas                                    Celebrate a birthday


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