Our Current Appeals

Every now and again, we have a need which becomes our top priority in order that we can carry on our work, or to support emergency needs in our projects. Every single penny donated is used for this purpose which enables us to achieve the outcomes in a quick and timely manner.

Due to the coronovirus, families are now struggling to feed their children in all our project over six countries.

To date we have managed to supply much food due to the generosity of those who have given to this cause.  However, we still need to find the funds to continue feeding the people.  They have no jobs to turn to, to buy food is not an option.

Please consider supporting our appeal

Urgently Required

An urgent need is required for the Micro Farm. Unfortunately the Pump for the polytunnels has burned out and the plants are now all dying – right in the middle of harvest!

There is no other source of water and we need to install a new pump. Can you help save our crops?

Please make a donation to support these appeals.