Youth Ambassador Scheme


Jessica Doherty – Lead Youth Ambassador

Here at People against Poverty (PaP) we believe in young people, we believe in their potential and their power.  Global development is not possible without the contribution of young voices and this is as true to UN goals as to the PaP mission to change lives together.  We believe that a youth perspective is absolutely vital to continued success and growth for our charity and want to further our current relationships with UK Schools by electing ‘PaP Youth Ambassadors.’

We have a vision to build a network of young people inspired by our projects and the mission to personally engage with communities to relieve poverty.

Through the PaP Youth Ambassador Scheme we intend to educate, empower and equip young people to represent us as a charity and participate in the challenge to change lives together.  Our network of Youth Ambassadors will be supported and equipped with resources and opportunities to effectively act as representatives, fundraisers and campaigners for People against Poverty.  We want to give young people the tools they need to use their own platforms to share knowledge and become global actors of change.

If you want to get involved as an ambassador or want to hear more please don’t hesitate to contact us or you can click our  F&Q’s for more information.

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