Congratulations Liz 

Liz Ludlow

A year ago, Liz Ludlow joined People against Poverty as an apprentice. This month her apprenticeship was completed and we were sad to say that Liz has now left the team to pursue the next stage of her career. We look back over her time with us and see what she’ll be getting up to…

 So what’s next for you?  I will be starting a new job working in Office admin as well as beginning my training in HR. On a personal side I will be moving into my new house soon which I am currently in the process of buying!

And what do you think you’ve gained from your apprenticeship that will help you in your future career? I have definitely gained more confidence in myself and my abilities. The apprenticeship has given me a great base line to start from and I now feel able to move on and challenge myself even more.

What has been your biggest challenge? A big challenge, for me, was doing my course work for the diploma. This is something I haven’t done since school and was not something I relished the thought of doing again. However doing this while working for a charity I believe in has made it more enjoyable!

What are you most proud of? I am very proud to have worked for a charity with such a big heart for the projects they work with. It shows in everything they do and was inspiring to be a part of.

If you could only pick one, what would be the single most important thing you’ve learnt during your time with PaP?  It might sound a bit clichéd but learning that I am more capable than I believed is the most important thing I’ve learnt this year. The team have really been a help to me during this time and I have learnt a lot from them.

You’ll definitely be missed as part of the team, what do you think you’ll miss the most about working with PaP? I will miss the team at the office as well as the teams on the ground. One particular thing I will miss is being witness to the generosity of our sponsors; it is something special to be a part of when people come together with the same understanding and desire to help improve other people’s lives.

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