Sheri is an american volunteer who works closely with Gertrude at St Josephs Creche.  She visits regularly to work alongside Gertrude and she writes to us to inform us of the current situation in Haiti.  Read what Sheri has to say:

I have had to cancel my trip to Haiti due to conditions there.  The street violence and civil unrest makes it dangerous and really unsafe for the children were an American to visit.  Gertrude is “hanging in there” with clean water and simple food for the children, which is much more than the  average Haitian has.  School has been closed since September and the health clinic is closed.

We are getting precious little news about this situation other than when Gertrude can contact me.  She has specifically asked for your prayers.   Sheri

Please pray for Gertrude and the children as the country continues to have civil unrest.  There are horrific stories coming through about how people are being set alight in front of protestors and some beheaded!  You can read more about this on BBC News, Reuters Agency, Al Jazeera News.


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