The mother of Young ‘S’, just 4 years old, presented her son’s problem to project leader Costel when it was becoming more and more difficult for the child to function properly.  Not only did ‘S’ have the hernia to deal with, he was suffering from malnourishment and has a heart problem.

When Costel saw the size of the hernia (and it was continuously growing in size) he contacted us for emergency support to enable ‘S’ to see the appropriate consultant at the local hospital.   Within a short space of time we were able to supply the funds to enable ‘S’ to not only see the consultant but also have the operation which is done privately through the hospitals.

Unfortunately, in Romania it is expected that payment must be made for the private doctor, the nurses and to pay for necessary certificates obtained from the local mayor’s office.  On top of this, funds are needed to help Costel and the mother make the long trip by local transport to the hospital and the many trips taken as an outpatient.  Like many of the families that we work with, they have no legal access to the right of medical care and so this is where we are able to step in.

Young ”S is now on the road to recovery from the operation, however Child Protection are now involved and will be working with us to ensure the child’s full needs are met.  As the family are very poor and now homeless, it’s possible that young ‘S’ will be put into foster care.

If you have been touched by this story of ‘S’, there are many others like him that need our support to ensure that their needs are met and maybe even prevent death.   Please consider donating to ensure that the funds are available the next time another young ‘A, B or C’ are crying out for help.

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