Having worked with our project partner in Nepal Krishna Pokharel now for 14 years, together we have shared the tears and joy with the people he works with on a day to day basis.  The tears were for many during 2014 when  iconic buildings, temples, homes and lives were lost due to the earthquake.

However, life moves on – Krishna still works with many families to help rebuild their lives but there are the struggles with families that need more support than ever.

So what do we need?  Four of the families we work with lost their homes and have never been rehoused.  Just eking out a home, often in tents is not the ideal environment to bring children up in, but home it is for them.  However, we would like to build a basic one roomed construction made of brick, with a tin roof which they can call their home; not having to worry whether the monsoons will wash their tent away.    Each of these rooms costs £6k.

We have now set up our new ‘WONDERFUL’  fundraising page where every penny raised will come back to the charity as they take no charges/costs from the donations.

Thank you for reading this appeal and lets pray that we can provide a home for at least one of the 4 families living in desperate poverty.

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