Greetings from Reghin Romania.

After a very different and difficult year, let me write a little report about the projects  and what is going on here. First of all I want to thank you for People against Poverty that during all this difficult and hard time you were faithfully with us and together we could made a difference.

About child sponsorship. The families that are supported by People against Poverty are very thankful for their support. Especially during the pandemic, these families were in lockdown which meant the could earn nothing, so this support was essential for their survival . They bought food, medicine or payed for their electricity with your help. Every month is a blessing that we could help those families and I think if there is any possibility in the future this kind of support is very much needed.

About the social found. The monthly support from People against Poverty for our social need this year  was needed more than ever. It’s very difficult to mention all the needs that we faced during the year. Itss always shocking to see families without any food; I mean so poor that they are going to garbage cans to find something there to eat, even removing old stale and mouldy bread. Old and sick people are also in a desperate situation. As they never been hired and worked only as daily labourers, as they got old they have no pension, which means, no income. If they have that kind of family they share with them their food but sometimes they are such a situation that they cannot afford to buy their medicine, even though most of them have many health issues.

With your help through our social fund were able to help specifically in this kind of situation with food, medicine, clothes, shoes and other basic needs, even supporting funeral costs of which I have had to lead a few funerals during covid period.

Next to this regular help, I am very thankful for responding very generously about our special cases. I am thankfull that during the lockdown you provided funds so we could make food packages and feed those whom could not leave their house. Thank you very much for helping with surgery bills and medical bills.  I can never forget as you stood by me, next to my friend Kovacs as he fought cancer and finally passed away in Covid.  Along with many other families who’s thanks and blessing are sent to you.

Thank you very much for generous and faithful support. We wish you a blessed Christmass and Happy New Year – Atila, Adele and children



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