HMRC now require us to use full donor names in Gift Aid claims.

HMRC recently changed their practice in relation to how we should complete our Gift Aid claims. For some charities that use software to generate the claims, this means updating the information in our database to ensure we comply.

In short, HMRC do not want charities to continue quoting just a donor’s initials and surname. They want full names on claim forms as soon as possible. This is to enable them to better trace back to the donor’s tax records.
Whilst this is not a legal requirement as yet, it could very well become so in the coming years. HMRC wanted to change the law straight away but the sector, including Stewardship, successfully pushed back on this in view of the cost for some charities of necessary software changes.

IMPORTANT ACTION POINT: If from the 6th April 2019 you stopped or began UK tax and you donate to our charity, then please let us know as soon as possible so that we can update our records.

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