We are delighted to introduce you all the 2 of newest members of our team, our new Apprentice Liz and Adele who is  a freelance writer volunteering some time for us! 

Liz Ludlow – Business and Administration Apprentice

Liz Ludlow lives in Westbury and joined People / Business Against Poverty in early June. Despite only having been with the charity a short while, Liz loves her new position already, stating that she took the job as an opportunity for self-improvement. ‘I didn’t have many real qualifications, just experience, and this apprenticeship is a brilliant way to gain both. You get to work making a real difference to people’s lives instead of putting more money into rich people’s pockets’. Liz is enjoying working in the office at People/Business against Poverty, believing that a more intimate environment creates a stronger team.

Although Liz admires all the work done by the charity, the project she would most like to visit is the Micro Farm Project in Romania. The project is helping to bring together many Romanian communities devastated by the collapse of industry after the revolution and has made a huge difference to the lives of families who were unable to find work or even feed themselves. Liz believes that the project will ‘leave a legacy’, continuing to benefit the Romanian community long after the charity itself is in existence.

Liz has previously worked with a diverse range of charities. Her previous experience includes working for the Southampton based social enterprise Global Seesaw, helping female victims of many types of exploitation. The charity offers all kinds of support for these women from teaching them basic life skills to aiding them in finding full-time employment. In a similar way to People/Business Against Poverty, another of the charities goals was community development through fair trade.

Liz is a friendly and open person who spends her free time creatively, making jewellery. She generally uses ‘interesting looking buttons and stones, working with wiring and making paper beads’. She sells the finished pieces online. Her personal goals for the future include finding opportunities for more travel abroad and she would particularly like to visit other European and Asian countries.

Adele Matterface – Freelance Writer

Adele Matterface is a recent English Literature and Creative Writing graduate and Trowbridge based writer who joined the charity in mid-August. She discovered People/Business Against Poverty whilst looking for voluntary work to expand her existing writing portfolio, and finds the charities ethics and the real changes the charity makes to the lives of vulnerable people impressive. She is looking forward to working on the charities newsletters and playing a part in raising awareness of the charities many projects.

The People / Business Against Poverty project Adele finds especially interesting is the Starlight Scholarship Programme in Nepal. This involves a child sponsorship scheme which safeguards an education for children living in severe poverty. She finds Nepalese culture fascinating as ‘despite poverty being rife it has incredibly low incidences of hate crime, something which I believe more developed countries should learn from, especially in the current political climate’. Adele spent large amounts of time researching Nepalese culture and society for various writing projects when studying for her degree and is therefore aware of how important the programme is to ensure a brighter future for Nepalese children and the country at large.

Like Liz, Adele has a background in charity work. Originally from Plymouth, she completed a VTalent (Volunteering Talent) year working with children who for reasons including disability, behavioural problems and language barrier issues were unable to attend mainstream schools. She currently writes for the not-for-profit organisation Trowbridge Arts, marketing their performances, exhibitions, and workshops to the public.

In her spare time, Adele loves reading and creative writing and her favourite authors are Margret Atwood and Ira Levin. She is also an avid fan of old movies and sitcoms such as Paris When It Sizzles and Bless This House. Her personal ambition is to become a recognised author and is working on many personal creative writing projects such as a fantasy novel and poetry.

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