Life Essentials

Supporting children and families to have the basic essentials of life – food, water, shelter, clothing.

Without these in place, it is impossible to take the next step out of poverty – Building Skills.


Life Essentials
Life Essentials
Life Essentials

Our Life Essentials Programmes

Fresh Veg

We all know how important it is to eat healthily. But when you are struggling with rising food costs, fresh


Remember the last time you prepared for a job interview? Some people who are trying to get back on their

The Dignity Project

The Dignity Project currently supports families in the Wiltshire area with White Goods.  We provide essential white goods (cookers, fridges, washing

Legal Identities

Imagine having no identity.  Imagine that you cannot access even the basic needs of life because you can't fill in

Seeds for Sustainability

In Malawi, we are funding a new Life Essentials project, providing maize and soya seed, and fertilizer for 10 families

New Life Home for Children

We are so inspired by Atilla Toth's vision of a new care home for orphaned and abandoned children within his

Social Programme

We've heard the cry, "I don't want to die and be placed in a hole in the ground with no