Sustainability in Romania

The heart of our work in all of our projects is not just to meet the basic needs of the people, but to help them to help themselves, a hand up, not a hand out! One of of our most important projects that we have in terms of sustainability is the Micro Farm, which lifts the small and rural community in Negresti into a position where the people who live there have the means to work, produce, trade, sell and earn.  Continue reading

Bringing support & counselling to parents

Through Family Partnership we aim to help build family units that can become completely self-sustaining through our ongoing investment in them. As part of this investment we are working with the parents, to ensure that they have the right support network in place to raise their children in the correct way as well as supporting  the parents themselves in any mental health problems or addictions that they may be living with. Continue reading

Fun at camp

Children up and down the UK will be looking forward to their summer holidays in a just a few days time, and it has also been holiday time for our children in Romania too!  Towards the end of last month we were delighted to be able to hold a summer camp for the children of the rural community in Negresti, Romania.   Continue reading

Success for Roshan

Child Sponsorship does more than just provide a lifeline for children and young people; it also helps they break the cycle of poverty by investing in their education. Some are lucky enough to go on into higher education and Roshan from Nepal is one of these young  people. Despite struggling to make ends meet Roshan is doing really well and his work was recently selected as an ideal paper to use for future lessons. Continue reading

Anti Trafficking Programme kicks off in Romania

The city of Iasi, where we work in Romania, has the dubious title of “sex capital of Romania”, and each year thousands of adults and children are trafficked within the country and internationally. These people end up involved in enforced slavery, prostitution and drugs. Our aim is to protect the young people that we work with from the horrors of human trafficking and for that reason we have begun a new and improved Anti Trafficking Programme.  Continue reading