“Am I Doing Enough” ? By Bill Huxley, co-founder and Trustee

“I am used to being exposed to abject poverty I have seen much of everything working with People against Poverty.  As a trauma therapist working with adult survivors of sexual abuse I think I have heard the darkest secrets a soul could possess. I am not hardened, I am experienced and self-protected. Yet there is always something new that shocks me to my core, that draws my tears, that sickens me, that calls on me to re-evaluate, to scream internally; “Am i doing enough” ? Continue reading

Smile for the Camera!

Sponsoring a family through our Family partnership project is life changing. This is a story of hope and transormation; the family in this story is just one of the many poor families we have met and worked with over the years, this family really engaged with the family partnership programme and have been able to reintegrate into the community and seek a normal life. Continue reading

Political Climate in Haiti

Since the reports of embezzlement, low economic growth, a halt in tourism, dropping currency, and most currently the inflation of goods and gas prices Haiti’s largest opposition groups have come to the streets to protest and ask current president, Jovenel Moise, to step down. The protests started in July, continued in October, November, and February, and then again, this morning. Continue reading