Ali Stewart is an executive leadership coach, mentor and best-selling author. She specialises in coaching fiery, dynamic leaders, in danger of burning themselves out, who need more balance, meaning and fulfilment in their lives.

Having already built a successful management consultancy, Ali founded Ali Stewart & Co – coaching you to achieve and grow – in July 2004. She has coached over 500 leaders across a range of market sectors and built a reputation for going deep and creating dramatic performance improvements.

She founded the accrediting body for Liberating Leadership® and Pioneering Professional® 2008. With over 200 practitioners now accredited, Ali and the Faculty are looking to grow this body of people. They would love other trainers, coaches and HR professionals to have access to these powerful models to help them grow their own and their clients’ businesses.


“The Liberating Leadership programme is phenomenal. Ali’s delivery of it is itself a masterclass in how to lead effectively, and of how a person-centred approach yields such superb results. It is rigorously evidence-based and provides a beautiful model that deepens understanding and knowledge at every step. For Leaders in any sector or organisation, large or small, this programme works to create high performance – it enables Leaders to develop teams that shine” – Katy Hunter, PhD Student