Aisling is one of two Directors of Corella, a family-run socially-conscious building contractor based in Wiltshire, England. Corella delivers high-quality residential and commercial projects across the South West and works to be profitable with a purpose.

Aisling is proactive and committed to conversations regarding mental health and wellbeing as well as pushing for the redistribution of power, wealth and profit within the industry and society. Prior to establishing Corella, alongside her husband, and builder, Paul, Aisling qualified and worked as a social worker.

With the construction industry experiencing a mental health crisis for many years, Aisling trained as a mental health first aider and works hard to raise awareness of poor mental health within the industry and beyond. Aisling takes the lead in ensuring Corella work to stamp-out potential causes of isolation and poor mental health through policy and practice. For example, “no blame culture”, “we know the harm so-say harmless ‘banter’ on-site can cause, and “we don’t encourage late/weekend work as standard”.

Aisling “The construction industry is underestimated in terms of the power and potential it holds to impact the wellbeing of people both within the industry and wider society”.

Buildings and their environments can either encourage or inhibit the mental, physical, spiritual, and financial wellbeing of those that occupy them – there is a huge and lasting power dynamic at play here- it needs to be confronted and challenged, regulated in a way that ensures there is a positive impact favouring people and society, particularly marginalised and underrepresented groups, and not the pockets of those at the top.

The evidence is there – housing is a vital foundation for healthy people and healthy communities. It needs to be accessible, affordable, safe, secure, and of quality. The construction industry can be a huge part of the change in creating for a better fairer and safer society. Corella are a People Business. Find out more by visiting their website

Aisling Wicks and Paul Aubrey

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