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Dedicated to providing you with the best hat blocks you can buy – here at Guy Morse-Brown, our focus is firmly on working with you to make your own personal creations. We take our inspiration from many sources but one of the greatest sources is the amazing and talented milliners and hatters we have the pleasure of dealing with! Our conversations with you inspire new ideas and new shapes, collectively we come up with more possibilities and even ways and means to bring back old forgotten styles, methods and techniques.  

To make things with your hands is a fundamental part of human nature and whether it is the weaver, the felt maker, the block maker, or you the milliner, we are all part of a process that culminates in something that is more than just an object to admire – it is a statement, an expression that enriches the life of the wearer and creator alike. 

In May 2015 Owen was awarded the Heritage Crafts Association Maker of the Year Award in recognition of outstanding craftsmanship and for contributing to Britain’s rich craft heritage in doing so’. Being associated with the Heritage Crafts Association that year and also having our craft placed on the ‘critically endangered list’ bought quite a lot of media attention. We received national and local press coverage, were filmed for the BBC with Niki Chapman, and were asked to partake in a number of studies looking into the future of endangered crafts and how they can be preserved for future generations. We feel privileged to be part of a movement that is taking seriously the possibility that many crafts and skills could be lost if they are not protected and nurtured. 

Guy Morse-Brown

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