Working With The Progress Shed

Our job is to help you to identify how to really get your business to progress.   Our role is to act as your support and your guide to help you to build the business other businesses dream of being.  Every business is unique and is run by unique people in the way that works for them… This does not always mean they achieve the results, either in terms of ambition or profit, they are looking for.  Our aim is to give you a clear and simple business model (and tools) that gives your business the ability to address the 8 critical areas of every truly successful business…

KPI’s and Finance
Marketing, Lead Generation and Communication
Sales and Conversion
Customer Service
Retention and Loyalty
Operations, Process and Systems
Leadership, Vision, Mindset and Legacy
People, Recruitment, Culture and Engagement

Our door is always open if you want to find out more.

Did you know Apple, Amazon, Harley Davidson and Ikea started life in a shed?

From humble beginnings to global businesses we think that’s pretty inspirational!

We’re called The Progress Shed for a reason! Just like a garden shed has all the tools you need to grow your garden, here at The Progress Shed, we have all the tools you need to grow your business.

We are a hub of business experts dedicated to helping ambitious SME business owners make effective personal, strategic, and operational transformations to enable you to overcome challenges and meet objectives, such as making more money and maximising their personal or business potential.

Recruiting Great People for Great Business

Finding the people that businesses dream of recruiting.

Here at The Progress Shed we are all about making recruitment easier, simpler, and more effective.
We’re passionate about making recruitment better. With a team of professionals that give you many decades of experience in recruiting great people for great business you can be sure we have a process that gives you a world class service in finding the right people for the right businesses.

Part of our service, we are at your beck and call. You will have access to our direct mobile numbers, direct emails, and there’s no switchboard to go through just to talk to us.  We want to build strong, long lasting relationships with our clients and help you with your mortgage needs both now and in years to come.

Our research of the market is not carried out by robots simply identifying the best rate without knowing or understanding whether you are eligible for the rate.  We are all about tailoring the most suitable and most competitive product available to you based on understanding and knowing your individual circumstances.

The Progress Shed,

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