Micro Farm Project

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In 2014 we began the “Micro-farm Initiative” which had the key focus of supporting a poor rural community to develop a self-sustaining farm.

The land seemed plentiful but the resources were not available to capitalize on the advantages of the rich, local soil.

Our function was to help resource the community until they could reclaim their land back off the corporations and begin to benefit from their own cultivation.

We hoped to reverse the lethargy, alcoholism, and despair that their situation had created.



2018 is to be the year when we evaluate the progress made. The community now has animal houses, barns, a large polytunnel, a maize mill, a tractor  and machinery. They have been breeding pigs and chickens and the numbers are growing fast. Orders for animals are already being placed by the local community.


Costel, the farm manager and project leader has worked tirelessly with his fellow villagers and believes that this year he can not only be self-sustaining but also make a profit to support future development. The PaP team will be supporting him with the business planning.




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