Micro Farm Project

This new initiative for 2014 is to help alleviate the poverty that now exists in many of the rural communities. DSC_0167Microfarm-Feb2015 (2)
Industry collapsed after the revolution and many of the unemployed returned to the villages where there was at least some food they could grow.

Unfortunately the farming communes had also collapsed and returned the local farming to a subsistence level.  With no money for investment these large families scratch out a living for themselves but at some cost.  The lack of real work brings a sense of hopeless desperation and this in turn encourages alcoholism. Some migrate to other countries causing family tensions. Disaffection amongst the Microfarm-Feb2015 (14)Microfarm-Feb2015 (12)  children and teenagers increases and further social issues result.

We will work to build up communities again.



  • Overall Aim:
    To lift small communities into a position where they have the means to work, produce, trade, sell and earn.
  • Specific Aim:
    To provide the money, planning support and business oversight to allow the farm to develop.
  • Objective:
    To work together to build animal houses, buy animals and stock storage areas with feed
    To develop a sound business plan
    To increase the food supply to the village
    To reduce the cost of fresh food for the community
    To provide education and training in agriculture and business
    To alleviate social difficulties such as alcoholism
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