Working with over 3,500 gypsy families, Project leader Atilla Toth and his wife Adele work tirelessly.   It becomes a heartache for them when there are children who have been deserted for whatever reason by their families and who have no-where to live.


Over the past year or so,  Atilla has supplied work for these people from the gypsy community to help support the building which is to become a 7 bedrooms house to support up to 12-14  abandoned children.  The funds have been provided for this from an American Church and work continues when funds are received.

On visiting the project in February our CEO took the decision that People against Poverty would love to be involved in the running of the New Home (name not yet known) to support the children.  It will provide a safe and homely environment with permanent house parents for children to grow and develop to their fullest potential.  There will be opportunities for counselling, education, after school homework facilities and to experience being part of a family.

It costs a lot to run a home of this size  and PaP would like to commit to supporting this project for the long term and therefore need support to achieve this.  We are looking for sponsors who are willing to donate £16.00 per month.  However, we will accept any regular donation, no matter how small which will help us to plan for the long term.

If this is of interest to you, please could you donate here and reference NEWHOME to ensure the funds are directed correctly.



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