This year, we began a small project alongside the Micro Farming Project No.2 in Reghin.  This project was to support Atilla, the project leader with a social fund which was to be used to help support the families when they were in a time of need.   Although only small beginnings, it is enabling Atilla to reach out far and wide in his mission to help the poor and marginalised within his community.  Read what he has to say:
(We have withheld names)

“I want to thank you the  the monthly social fund and I want to share in a few words how we are using it. First  of all maybe you remember L… and his mother whose name was A… .  Their life was very full with suffering L.. had a stepfather who had a very serious drinking problem and because of that he was very aggressive.  Almost every day he beat him and his mother was made to do terrible things with them like he forced them to sleep with each other.  Several time they try to escape without success but finally after 13 years of suffering they left this man and they became homeless.  When I started to work amongst the gypsies I made  a temporary house and there they are living  since. 




Last year in December the doctors diagnosed  cancer  of  the mothers liver . We started to bring a doctor to attend her but it was too late to help her and in  January she died.  With the help what we received from you we were able to pay the doctors cost and also when she was laying in her bed we bought diapers and food and anything else that she needed.  After she passed away from the social help what you send I bought the coffin and was able to cover the funeral costs . 

In addition to this, another family whom we was able to help with the funding
 you give us was a family with six little children. The stepfather violated one of the children who was 11 years old and because of that he went to jail.  
When the police came to investigate the case they saw the circumstances how these children were living and the child protection got involved and they took all the six children away from their mother.  With your help I was able to visit them at the child protection place and also I bought for them food, clothes and some sweets.  I cannot thank you enough.
Next to these two special cases I bought medicine.  food and sometimes even shoes for needy people.
Thank you very much for the Support.   Your help is very needed here and we are very thankful because of that 
With love and thanks Attila
As you can see, a little goes a long way.   We would love to give more support for this project, so if you feel moved by Atilla’s news, please consider making a one-off donation, no matter how small, or perhaps consider setting up a small DD each month.   You can do so by clicking this donate button

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