Our Work

We find a project partner who inspires us, who have a gift for their work and a clear vision for what they wish to achieve, working tirelessly and devotedly to meet their objectives.

We have the privilege to be working in partnership with the Way of Joy project in RomaniaThe Starlight Scholarship and St Joseph’s Creche Orphanage in Haiti.  We also run child sponsorship throughout 6 countries, these mentioned and also projects in India, Malawi and Tanzania. In 2020 we introduced our new UK project – Dignity

All the projects work independently of each other, but all within the boundaries and working within the ethics of People against Poverty.

Our partnership ensures that we can work together to build up communities, helping the people by feeding the hungry, providing clothing for the poor, providing warm shelter for the forgotten and educating people in all aspects of social skills.

Ongoing support is needed to ensure that we can support, provide and cover the necessary requirements for each project to run to its fullest capacity and we can only do that with your help.  Please consider making a donation, no matter how small.

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