New Home, Reghin

New Home (name not yet available)

We believe that all children deserve and need a safe, nurturing home environment that will allow them to grow and develop and to reach their personal potential whilst experiencing all the joy of family life. We shall be supporting the New Home which is currently being built under the care of Project leader Atilla Toth.

The home will be able provide a loving environment to between 12 and 15 children who, would otherwise be left in very different and potentially dangerous situations where they would be vulnerable and unable to flourish.  It will provide everything you would expect to find in a family friendly environment and much more.
The children will share rooms with their new siblings or have their own room where appropriate. Each bedroom has its own bathroom for privacy plus two additional toilets downstairs. The house parents will live in just as any other parents would.

There is a large balcony; this will be accessible from all the bedrooms with a view out over the barn, chicken coups and poly tunnels of the farm which have been developed to date by the People against Poverty Development programme in partnership with G4G.

Downstairs there will be a lovely family living room, a dining room for the family to share meals and well-equipped kitchen and food storage room. In addition to this there will also be a specific school room with everything the children may need to complete homework task set at school and to do extra studying for exam preparation as they progress through school. These children will have come from difficult backgrounds and therefore there will also be a room that is specifically for one to one work with outside agencies such as social workers and counsellor for the children as and when this is needed.

There is also a self-contained bedroom and bathroom accessed by its own door to the rear of the building and this is to be utilised by people visiting the project.  People against Poverty will invite teams of people with specific skills to visit and teach their skills to the team, help work on the farm, run a session etc., without disturbing the general running of the house.

As you can see, every care and consideration has been given to the planning of this project to ensure the highest standards for the children we are going to be helping and this is why we feel very excited and privileged to be part of this project.


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