Projects in Romania

All the projects are overseen by Valentine, the founder and visionary of the Way of Joy. He and his team work selflessly and endlessly in serving the poor. Working with 100’s of families living in derelict blocks devoid of running water, sanitation, heating or lighting. Visiting families living in village communities providing them with basic needs and showing them God’s love is an everyday job for Valentine and the team.

Here you will find the projects that are currently running in Romania. Funding is needed in all areas to ensure that consistency, provision and support is provided so that families and young children can look forward to a future, something that they are unable to achieve without this help.

You can show your support in various ways from volunteering to prayer, but most of all a small donation, whether one-off or regular direct debit will ensure consistency. There is nothing more comforting in knowing that a child can be fed a hot meal, that a family can receive their legal documentation enabling them to access hospitals and schools, that the ill can have access to much needed medication. If you can afford just a few pounds per month, this will help us in our efforts in removing these people out of poverty.

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