Feed a Child

Mealtime at the canteenA starving child needs to have its tummy filled before it can even concentrate on being fed either mentally, emotionally, or spiritually. The Feed a Child scheme does just this. Providing a regular hot meal for a young child and/or its entire family can be life changing. These children usually have little or no access to food and often have to search in rubbish bins for their next meal Project funding provides the services of a cook, assistant cook, cleaner, all associated utilities, food and educational staff.

  • Overall aim
    • To provide regular hot meals for starving/malnourished young children
  • Specific aim
    • To improve children’s social skills
    • To provide the jobs necessary to meet these objectives
    • To feed starving children
    • To provide vital support to families
    • To encourage parents to take responsibility for the wellbeing of their children
    • To build links between staff and parents.
  • Objectives
    • To teach children:
      • Manners
      • How to share with others
      • Hygiene
      • To help others unable to help themselves.
    • To teach parents:
      • Social skills
      • Parenting skills
    • To train staff in:
      • Health and safety
      • Safe cooking and cleaning
    • To provide:
      • Nutritious meals
      • Food parcels for families
      • Christmas food and gift parcels
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