Legal Assistance

Twins birth certificateThe majority of the families we help have no ID or registration documents and therefore have no access to hospital, school, kindergarten, family GP etc. These families are eking out an existence, unrecognised by a society that totally rejects them. Project funding enables a qualified member of staff to research each case as it becomes available and then to attend meetings with the authorities and social services. It covers the provision of all the necessary paperwork, photocopies, the costs incurred in preparing for the Courts and all the associated travel.

  • Overall aim
    • To help families find their legal identities, allowing them to become part of society.
  • Specific aim
    • To provide people with identity papers, birth certificates
    • To bring families together
    • To avoid eviction from their dwellings
    • To ensure basic legal rights.
  • Objective
    • Adrian & motherTo prepare and present documents to the Courts representing the families’ interests, which will in turn resolve:
      • the problem of non identity card/registration documents
      • the degree of a person’s disability or any special assistance required to enable them to attend the correct type of school
      • the legal rights to a property.
    • To prepare documentation and represent individual cases for medical care in order for social assistance to be evaluated and commissioned.
    • Find ways of identifying a persons biological family.
    • Ensure that individuals have correct and complete documentation in order to access their state system.
    • To help and educate individuals to identify their rights.
    • Form good links with staff and legal authorities.
    • To employ well trained qualified staff.
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