Sanctuary Homes

Sanctuary home - groupAn exciting and challenging opportunity for School/college/university students, Businesses, Churches and / or individuals to support our work and giving the opportunity to achieve something of true significance. This is a truly “hands on” project providing a vital service to the people we’re there to help. Great for team building, a Sanctuary home can be built in as little as 5 days, which means that you or your team will have ownership of a completed project. For individual costs of each challenge please contact us direct.

  • Overall aim
    • To provide eco-friendly, cheap, sustainable housing for people presently living in homes constructed of mud and waste materials as well as those living in ex-communist blocks without heating, lighting, running water or sanitation
  • Specific aim
    • To provide affordable housing
    • To provide teaching skills to those living in the community and those from the UK who help to build the houses
  • Objective
    • Sanctuary home and coupleTo build affordable, safe houses
    • To provide employment
    • To secure legal rights over building land
    • To involve families in building process
    • To provide clean water. To help build relationships in the community
    • To help build relationships with the Mayor of the City and with Social Services
    • To improve sanitation, lighting, heating
    • To educate local people in basic building skills
    • To help families become sustainable and able to care for themselves
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